General Organization of the interface

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Composition of the interface

ComputreeGUI is the standard Computree interface. It allows management of steps and their results, but also to customize their display in 3D or tabular views.

It includes the following elements:
  1. A menu bar
  2. A main toolbar
  3. A Step Manager
  4. A Model Manager
  5. An Item configurator
  6. A 3D view
  7. A tabular view
  8. An Action Manager (Actions)
  9. A Views synchronization manager ( Synchronizing views)
  10. A Log window

The main tool bar (2) offer icons most of the features present in the menu bar (1). These features will be described in different parts of this documentation.

The Step Manager (3) is central because it allows you to create and execute Steps tree. It, and also the Log windows (10), would be described in detail in Managing processing.

The Model Manager (4) and the Item configurator (5) would be described in Displaying items.

The 3D (6) and tabular (7) views, and the Views synchronization manager (9) will be described in Views functionning.

The Action Manager (8) will be presented in Using actions.

Organization of the interface

Components 3 to 5 and 8 to 10 are dockable components, which can be moved, stacked (as tabs) or used as floating windows. You just have to left-click on the title bar and move it, holding the click, to their desired destination. The Window menu provides two default options for organization of these components :

  • Components in column: All components are separated and occupy the left and the right of the screen. This configuration is loaded at first launch ComputreeGUI.
  • Components in column (Log at bottom): gives an alternative with the Log at bottom.
  • Components in tabs: stack in tabs components 4, 8 and 10 together and components 8 and 10 together. This configuration gives more space to the views, but requires navigating between components by the tabs.

You can customize the organization of composants, by moving them.

The arrangement of components is stored in the config.ini file when closing Computree, and is would be loaded for the next session of Computree.

If a component has been closed, it can be recalled using the window menu.

Help menu

  • The Help menu provides two elements:
  • About Computree, which gives the copyright information
  • About plugins, which allows to see the loaded plugins and information about their available content.

About plugins windows list loaded plugins. For each plugin it gives available steps. For each step it gives IN and OUT models of results.

In the case of steps making a copy of an input result (filtering steps), the OUT result corresponding model cannot be displayed (it will be fixed in the future).

The Reload button is used to restart the loading of plugins, and in particular for changing the path to plugin directory, if it is not at the default location.

If you click on a step and the on the Step Info button, it open a window with the following information:

  • Name of step
  • Plugin membership
  • Address of the wiki page containing this information
  • Short description of step (displayed as tool-tip in the application)
  • Detailed Description of step
  • Models IN step
  • Models OUT step (unless for copy results)

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