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So far we have seen how to create a steps tree, execute it and view the results.

The objective is to process point clouds using automatic algorithms contained in steps.

However, it is sometimes necessary to manually modify results. This is why Computree proposes the concept of actions.

An action is a tools using views a way to query and / or modify a result containing certain types of items.

The actions implemented in the plugins can be used in two ways (one action may sometimes be used in both modes):

  • The interactive mode: action is enabled on an existing view and the items it contains. In this mode data are generally not modified.
  • The step mode: a step uses an action, for the user to perform an interactive operation.

Interactive mode

The interactive mode is managed by the Action Manager (Actions). It lists all the available actions for the active view.

Just check the desired action. *Only one action can be used at once *.

Action Manager:

Actions are classified by type. When checked it becomes active, and all others become inactive.

Step mode

In steps mode, the actions are not visible to the user, because it is a step that needs it during its execution.

In this case, when the step is performed, at a given time it is interrupted, and gives control to the user. The icon becomes active (colored).

In general, a message warns the user to proceed. Most of the time, it opens a specific view, providing a toolbar adapted to its function.

Once the user has performed the operation required, simply click on to launch the result of the end of the step processing based on the interactive job done.

You can add items with the Model Manager or the Items Manager in the view created by the action, together with displays made by the action itself.

Actions available in the Base Plugin

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