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3D Views

You can add a new 3D view by clicking on the button in the main toolbar.

Navigating in view

The 3D view is the most used in ComputreeGUI, because it allows to view items created by the steps in three dimensions. It uses OpenGL, valuing the graphical component QGLViewer ( 3D navigation is as follows:

  • Moving mouse while holding left button translates the view to the left, right, up or down
  • Moving mouse while holding right button rotates the view relative to its center: by default (0,0,0)
  • The wheel is used to zoom or unzoom
All other options provided QGLViewer by are also available: type “h” after clicking on the view to get the list of possibilities.


The toolbar provides access to additional features.

Button allows to manage views (camera settings).

Button provides access to Exporters for selected items. This functionality is described in the Using Exporters.

Button allows you to set preferences for the view.

Button can apply a color to points / faces / half-edges attributes.

The buttons suite / / allows to manage graphic optimization (as in the dialog obtained by button ) :
  • : reduction of points number during moves
  • : reduction of points number all the time
  • : always draw all points ever when moving

The buttons suite / / allows to manage points size (1 / 2 / 3 pixels).

Button launch the computing of an octree. This acceleration structure allows quicker selections (particularly for points selection).

The creation of octree has to been redone when the content of the view changes. It could take a lot of time for big scenes.

Button opens a menu with following icons: . Each icon defines camera orientation according to the selected point of view.

Button adjusts the extends of view to the bounding box of the displayed items. This allows also to define the extension of the area displayed by the camera. It recalculates the front and back clipping planes (nothing is drawn forward / beyond these planes). This button works only with items, for which bounding box is correctly set (this is always the case with items containing points).

Button set the center of rotation for the camera on the center of the selected item / points.

Button set the center of rotation of the camera on the center of the bounding box of all displayed items.

Button set the center of rotation of the camera to (0,0,0)

Button allows to manually adjust all camera settings.

Synchronization of 3D views

It is possible to synchronize cameras of multiple 3D views: so when you change one view, the other views adjust to be synchronized from the same point of view.

You just have to activate the button Sync of the toolbar of each view you want to synchronize. The button is then modified in Sync.

There is only one stream synchronization between 3D views, even if you can add as many views as you want to this stream.

2D views

You can add a new 2D view by clicking the button in the main toolbar.

A 2D view works just like a 3D view, but the camera is locked on a point of view from the top.

Moreover the projection is *orthoscopic *, removing any perspective effect.

Tabular views

You can add a new tabular view by clicking the button in the main toolbar.

General functionning

A tabular view displays attribute information of the items it contains. Items of different classes can be added to the same table view.

Each line displays the data of an item with a column for each field.

In all cases the column 1 contains the unique identifier of the item, and column 2 the name of its class.

In the general case we add items to a table view in the same way as a 3D view:

  • Using Model Manager
  • Using Items Manager


A table view can also operate in synchronization mode. In this case it synchronizes the table view with one or several 3D views (or other). Then any item selected in one view is also automatically added to the table view (if an item is deselected it is removed from the table view also).

To synchronize views with the table view, you must click on the button... Sync with, and then check the views that you want to synchronize.

General Features

It is possible to delete the contents of all views by clicking the button .

View menu is used to rearrange views in the view area:

  • Cascade
  • Tile

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