FAQ - Something went wrong

Message You need to utilize clouds with the prequesitions:
  1. The center of the cloud is near the origin (max 50m), no georeferenced clouds allowed. No real world height allowed or at your own risk. The underlying point cloud library operates with float not doubles and point transformation tend to have therefore pretty fast floating point issues. Just follow this advice if you do not understand the reason ....
  2. I reach good runtime for plots smaller than 40m. I know the segmentation time increases exponentially with the radius and running the pipeline on hectare sized plots seems impossible without manual interaction.
  3. Beware if you try to model exotic trees (not expected in Euorpean NFI) I know buttress trees are expected to have issues with the underlying RANSAC principle during geometrical fitting.
  4. Be aware to observe carefully if you model trees with points larger than ~20 mio points. PCL routines using an Octree can fail here.

I checked for the preconditions named at 1). SimpleTree steps still do not perform as expected or is crashing

  1. Check if for each input result only one group is selected.
  2. Save the input cloud as xyb
  3. Produce a minimal running example with the test cloud which causes the crash or unpredicted behavior
  4. Make a well formated forum post. You enrich the post with the saved script from 3) and the cloud from 2).

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