Changelog SimpleTree 4 - all Beta Versions summary


  • Beta_32 to Beta_33.06:
  • Fixed a bug in DTM
  • switched standard allometric correction approach to Xu et al.
  • Fixed a bug in statistical outlier filtering
  • Lisence added and opening of source code
  • Beta_31 to Beta_32:
  • Adjustment of steps input and output configuration
  • Beta_30 to Beta_31:
  • Change in the allometric scaling correction approach
  • Beta_28 to Beta_30:
  • Change in the parameter optimization
  • Beta_21 to Beta_28:
  • Bugfix in Segmentation. Should work better now
  • Bugfix in DTM modelling
  • Prevented some crashes in filtering where empty clouds were produced.
  • Added an exporter for ascii 1 file / scene. You can also export the segmented tree clouds directly in my exporter step.
  • Added an exporter for DTM to ply
  • Beta_17 to Beta_21:
  • Improved the Segmentation runtime. It is down to 2 minutes for some test plots.
  • Added a SimpleTree DTM step
  • Improved few Dialogs
  • Added a low quality option for the segmentation
  • Made step optional (Upscaling, if number iteration set to 0)
  • Beta_15 to Beta_17:
    my final version of my project pipeline. Final does not mean single steps do not get improved anymore, 2 steps even might still be replaced. Regarding the input and output of the pipeline though nothing changes. Fixed a lot of bug and improved both modelling as well as segmentation. Two more dedicated de-noising steps which had been removed are readded. Take those with care, they are quite untested.
  • Beta_14 to Beta_15:
    fixed a bug where cut_height was computed correctly but not used for DBH, height and length computation. All three parameters should now be usable.
  • Beta_10 to Beta_14:
  • Major fit quality improvement, also improved modelling of young trees.
  • No change to the output csv format to be downward compatible regarding further analysis
  • Added a few steps to make plot level analysis more comfortable. There is one step included which can get rid of segmented undergrowth for example.
  • For users who work on plot level, outputfiles which are created adapt their name from your plot cloud.
  • DBH is estimated by DTM, not from cutheight as user input. You do not have to give this value in an input file anymore.
  • Beta_07 to Beta_10: added plot level processing tools. Improved fit quality. Fixed a lot of bugs. Added various output options. Video tutorials are contained as well.
  • Beta_06 to Beta_07: several minor improvement procedures included and minor bug fixes implemented. Changed the user documentation also slightly.
  • Beta_05 to Beta_06: added a lot of point cloud steps like de-noising. Fixed minor bugs and updated complete user documentation
  • Beta_04 to Beta_05: improved the fit quality for all modellings.
  • added test data
  • Todo: output, input, tutorials, acknowledgements, release. std out filter should be multithreaded. transfer step for segmentation.

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