EN - New Computree Version

Added by Piboule Alexandre about 10 years ago

A new Computree version is available (2.140.323) for:

  • Ubuntu LTS 12.04, 64 bits
  • Ubuntu 13.04, 64 bits
  • Windows 7/8 64 bits
  • Windows 7/8 32 bits

For downloads:

New features:
  • Bugs correction (crashs, clipping, cylinder drawing ...)
  • Interface improvements (3D views, tabular views, log, auto-placement of new views ...)
  • ItemManager disapears, because its functionnalities are now included in tabular views
  • Exporters names are more explicit
  • Improvement of step PB_StepSegmentCrowns (it has also been corrected)
  • New exports (grid2D, grid3D, profiles), improvement of existing exporters (auto extensions...)
  • Improvement of generic ASCII reader (files with no headers, possiblity of colors / normals importation)
  • New steps:
    • PB_StepSegmentGaps: like PB_StepSegmentCrowns but for gaps
    • PB_StepGenericGroupExporter: exports all attributes of all items in the selected group level
    • PB_StepAddAffiliationId and PB_StepSetAffiliationIdFromReference: possibility of adding common Id for elements of different steps
  • New items:
    • Polygons 2D (cf. PB_StepSegmentCrowns)
    • Metrics (idem)
    • Affiliations (cf. PB_StepAddAffiliationId, PB_StepSetAffiliationIdFromReference)
    • 4D Grids (cf. work in progress by Joris Ravaglia)
    • Profiles (cf. PB_StepComputeHitGrid)
  • For plugins developers: significant simplification of models syntax


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