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Download and install Computree 5.0.

Reminder: Using Computree implies acceptance of the Computree Charter


The executable version of Computree is available for Windows 7/8/10 64bits only.
For other environments (Linux in particular), please refer to the compilation instructions: [[computreedevtools:En_quickstart|to the compilation instructions]].


To install Computree :

  1. Download the archive of the latest stable version of Computree for Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  2. Unpack it into a directory of your choice, which will be the root directory of Computree.
  3. Install MSVC 2015 Redistributable (if not already installed):
    • Either by running the file redist/vcredist_x64.exe in the Computree main directory
    • Either by executing the downloadable file on the Microsoft site: Download Microsoft
  4. To launch the Computree GUI, double-click on the CompuTreeGui.exe file.
  5. To start the Computree batch interface, execute the CompuTreeBatch.exe “ScriptName” command from a command prompt.


You can also download the latest beta version for Windows here:


Known problem: Computree seems not to work with some “old” Intel HD graphics cards (OpenGL problem not specific to Computree).


Adding plugins not provided with the standard version

To install a plugin not provided in the standard installation package :
  1. Download and unzip the plugin library, taking care to take the version corresponding to your system (.dll for Windows, .so for linux).
  2. Move the library to the /plugins subdirectory of the Computree installation folder.

N.B.: You must then restart CompuTreeGui for the plugins to be taken into account (or use the menu About / Plugins / Reload Plugins).


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