How-Tos (thematic tutorials)

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This section includes How Tos describing how to perform certain operations in Computree. This is mainly to describe what sequence of steps, from standard plugins, you should use to get desired information. Generally sample data and script are provided.

Scripts and Examples point clouds for each * How To* are distributed with the executable version of Computree, and are available in the subdirectory HowTo. If necessary, they are available for download here: document#23.
Do not hesitate to create an issue(New issue tab, select Wiki tracker), if there is a tutorial that you would like to appear here. In this case describe exactly what you want as a result and from what type of data. Optionally attach a sample data set.

Available How Tos:

HT1 - Load, visualize, crop and export a T-Lidar point cloud

HT2 - Create a Digital Terrain Model from a T-Lidar point cloud

HT3 - Voxelize a T-Lidar scene , create points density profiles

HT4 - Measuring 1.30 m diameter interactively

HT5 - Measuring 1.30 m diameter automatically

HT6 - Isolate crowns interactively

HT7 - Add attributes to detected objects

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