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    during my academical career in computational forestry I developed the free software SimpleTree. At first as a C++ standalone tool relying on PCL functionality, later as a plugin within Computree.
    You can find some clouds of volume ground truthed trees in excellent quality within my plugins download section.

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08:54 PM 03 ----- COMPUTREE PLATFORM ----- Bug reporting: ifp-lsis
Plugin ifp-lsis during compile with up-to-date G++ complains about header file treesegment.h missing std::string defi...


02:08 PM 03 ----- COMPUTREE PLATFORM ----- Forum Public: RE: Export voxels
Hi Mike
as your question is open since 11 days already I would like to give you an rather general answer. I do not...


08:56 PM 03 ----- COMPUTREE PLATFORM ----- Forum Public: RE: How to get plugin IFP - LSIS
I think its included in the zip file (for Windows) which you find here:


09:37 PM 03 ----- COMPUTREE PLATFORM ----- Forum Public: RE: Dijkstra method in SimpleForest v5.1.1
* New SimpleForest version 5.1.3 uploaded.
* Also updated the User Guide which contains now a Change Log with...
09:31 PM SimpleTree Beta Version SimpleForest_v5.1.3_UserGuide.pdf
08:32 PM SimpleTree Beta Version
08:31 PM SimpleTree Beta Version
08:29 PM SimpleTree Beta Version SimpleForest_v5.1.3plotLeaveOnLowQualityQSM.xsct2
08:29 PM SimpleTree Beta Version SimpleForest_v5.1.3plotLeaveLessFullQSM.xsct2
08:29 PM SimpleTree Beta Version SimpleForest_v5.1.3Evaluation.xsct2

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