EN - Computree V3 available!

Added by Piboule Alexandre over 9 years ago

You can download the v3 of Computree from here: Installation of Computree

New in this version for users:
  • Improved ergonomics:
    • Now bilingual interface (French and English: Language menu)
    • Reorganization of contextual menu for adding steps
    • This is now the short descriptions of steps that appears in the context menu
    • Removing the item manager (features absorbed by the tabular views)
    • Ability to launch Computree in command mode (CompuTreeBatch.exe -script “monScript.xsct2” -startSteps> out.txt ...)
    • Added a Help button in the main toolbar to quickly find info
    • Ability to invoke help for the steps in the context menu (F1)
    • Interactive Steps in italic in the context menu
    • Adding a HowTo subdirectory with sample scripts, corresponding to How To being written
  • Improved ergonomics of 3D views:
    • Improved camera management
    • Possibility of selecting points / faces / edges (in addition to items)
    • Colorized items / Points specific to each document ...
    • Graphics optimizations (faster display and selection, optional octree for display)
    • Setting the desired “Frames Per Second” (FPS)
  • Improvement of existing steps:
    • PB_StepSegmentCrowns
    • PB_StepSegmentGaps
    • OE_StepDetectSection (v07)
    • PB_StepComputeHitGrid
    • PB_StepUserItemSelection
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Crashes when selecting or viewing
    • Inadequate intensities Import with format XYB
    • Crash when loading some scripts
    • Items Export failed
    • Sceenshots not centered
    • Crash when reloading plugins
    • Errors when drawing 3D grids
    • Checkboxes remaining checked when you click on the “Broom”
    • Crash when setting gradients colorization points
  • New Features:
    • Fields of items are now attributes (common to tabular views, Exporters ...)
    • Offsets management (possibility of integrating coordinates with more than 7 significant digits)
    • Import / Export obj formats
    • Import / Export opf, opf (AmapStudio)
    • Import / Export grid formats
    • Export a selection of points
    • Export all items in a group
    • Import Files LAS (only X, Y, Z, I at the moment)
    • Step PB_StepSlicePointCloud: slicing a cloud in horizontal layers
    • Export of 2D polygons


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