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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of Computree for Windows 7/8/10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, in 64bits.

This version has been completely redesigned compared to version 3.

Changes in the core, user side:
  • Switch to OpenSceneGraph for 3D viewing:
    • Improved display performance
    • Unfortunately at the price of an important memory occupation
    • NB: a very significant improvement of the 3D view is planned for version 4.1 (first semester 2017)
  • Reworking of the Step Management System
    • Themed menus
    • Possibility of creation of dedicated menus (level 2) by the plugins
    • User favorites
  • Improved script management: possibility of interactive correction when loading an obsolete script
  • Double-precision coordinate management
    • No more problems with data in geographic projection
    • Optimized points storage (single precision + offsets)
  • Ergonomic improvements, including:
    • Parameterization of the input data of steps
    • Display of data types
    • Reordering of icons
    • Script saved in case of crash, reload possible at launch
    • Added points / attributes colorization features
    • Possibility to disable the log (lag during massive processing)
  • Added multiple load steps for all formats
  • Introduction of the "loops of scripts" steps
    • Used to iteratively load files and apply to them the same sequence of steps, = batch processing in interactive mode
  • Implementation of a “Full batch” mode (no interface) for launching scripts
  • Fixed many bugs
Modification of existing plugins:
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Plugin ONF and plugin Base:
    • Adding steps for processing and analyzing A-Lidar data
    • Adding interactive tree crown segmentation in T-LIDAR clouds
New plugins provided as standard:
  • LERFOB Plugin: measurement of the curvature and inclination of stems
  • SEGMA Plugin: Integration of Benoît Saint-Onge’s work on crown segmentation in A-LIDAR
  • IGN - LIF (A-LIDAR): Integration of Cédric Véga algorithms
  • SimpleTree (Only on Windows at the moment): QSM algorithms by Jan Hackenberg
Modifications of the core, developer of plugins side:
  • Connection to external libraries:
    • Eigen 3 - Matrix computing
    • Point Cloud Library 1.7 - 3D point cloud processing (T-LIDAR)
    • GDAL / OGR 2.0 - GIS vector and raster formats
    • OpenCV 3.0 - Image processing
    • Gnu Scientific Library 2.1 - Numerical Computing
  • Implementation of a system allowing a simplified integration of new libraries in the future
  • Added new Computree enrichment solutions
    • In plugins: metrics, filters
    • Adding the concept of “library”: usable from plugins
Known Bugs:
  • It is common that Computree plants when closing it. This non-blocking bug has been identified and will be corrected as soon as possible.
  • The 3D component is efficient on powerful graphics cards (with a lot of dedicated memory), but can be inefficient on smaller configurations. In some cases fast manipulations while the display is being refreshed may cause a crash. It is recommended on large clouds to proceed calmly to avoid this. This bug will be fixed in 4.1.
  • The SimpleTree plugin is not available in the Ubuntu version at the moment.
  • The Ubuntu version has only been tested on one computer (but successfully). If it does not work on your configuration, please post a message on the forum with the details of the crash so we can fix any problems as soon as possible.
  • Computree compilation documentation for Windows and Ubuntu has been updated in English and French
  • User documentation is being redesigned and will take the form of video tutorials. The first are scheduled for January 2017 and will be announced as soon as they are released.

Thanks for your patience, I know that version 4.0 took a long time to be released.
We are working hard to accelerate the pace of releases now.

Happy new year 2017 to all.
Alexandre Piboule.


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