SimpleTree plugin available

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Dear Computree users,

A new complete version of Computree is coming soon.
But for now, if you want to try the SimpleTree plugin alone, Jan Hackenberg has compiled a windows beta version of Computree, containing only SimpleTree (so note a lots of Computree functionalities are missing).
He is also providing the first videos on our new Youtube Computree tutorial channel: Computree_EN.

Below I let you read his announcement for all of that:

Dear Computree users,

I went with a new plugin semi public three months ago. Since today, all Computree users can download a windows exectuable without having to contact me first. Thanks to the users who sent me valuable feedback:

The plugin is capable of segmenting plot scans and produce complete geometrical models out of segmented tree clouds, you can get an impression from the two attached screenshots.

You will find in addition to the executable (Windows) a PDF describing how to use the plugin. There is also three tutorial videos available on youtube:

If you find the plugin useful please give in your result/thesis/publication the following citation of my most recent publication, which might also be nice to read for you as a user:

Hackenberg, J.; Spiecker, H.; Calders, K.; Disney, M.; Raumonen, P. SimpleTree —An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds. Forests 2015, 6, 4245-4294.

In case of problems, make sure you looked through the PDF and videos if you find the solution. Otherwise feel free to contact me: (my email changed recently). I am also interested in feedback. Both if you are fine with the plugin and also if there are problems. In case you find a way to crash my plugin, the feedback is really valuable.

Please do then so the following: upload you point cloud to dropbox or to another place, please do not sent me by mail. I most likely need the cloud to reproduce and fix the error. Sent me as well a step configuration script making this crash happen and link both with a minimal description in an email. I can remove the cloud after fixing from my computer if you ask me to do so.

Make sure to always visual validate the quality of my models. The nice models you see in the pictures are also derived from high quality clouds. Be careful if you work with DBH, you need to put the right parameter in the configuration file. If you do not put the right value, my program does not know the real world height of the z-coordinates. I discuss this in more detail in the PDF.

I hope you enjoy my plugin.

plot_oak_model_total_2.jpg (254 KB) plot_oak_model_total_2.jpg Piboule Alexandre, 09/16/2016 09:15 AM
large_oak_model_zooml.jpg (309 KB) large_oak_model_zooml.jpg Piboule Alexandre, 09/16/2016 09:15 AM
segmentation.jpg (717 KB) segmentation.jpg Piboule Alexandre, 09/16/2016 09:15 AM


Added by Brown Emma about 1 year ago

I appreciate what you share in the post. Thanks to your post, I have gained a lot of new and useful knowledge.

Added by Jone charlie about 1 year ago

I sincerely appreciate Jan Hackenberg’s plugin for Computree as it offers a valuable tool for efficiently building tree models from TLS clouds, enhancing the build now gg capabilities of the software and benefiting users in their research and analysis of forest data.

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Added by Loinse Bekean about 1 year ago

For users who are interested in trying out the SimpleTree plugin in the meantime, Jan Hackenberg has compiled a Windows beta version of Computree that includes only SimpleTree. It’s important to note that some functionalities of Computree will be missing in this beta version.

Added by Adams Tony 12 months ago

I am looking for the release of the new complete version of Computree, especially since I’ve been following updates and am excited about the SimpleTree plugin’s availability and the wordle unlimited new tutorial videos.

Added by keon noble 11 months ago

Since I have been keeping up with the development of Computree, I eagerly await the release of the new, fully-featured version. [[ wordle today]]

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Added by ericsson heritage 10 months ago

Using the cloud to recreate and correct the issue is a must. Please provide me the URL to the script and the step-by-step setup instructions for reproducing the problem. If you want me to, I may delete the repaired cloud from my computer.

Added by ALI JAMES 10 months ago

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Added by Brown Emma 9 months ago

I think this is a pretty good version and I hope that you will retain its strengths when you want to upgrade.

Added by zetisno zetisno 9 months ago

We’re thrilled to announce that a new, comprehensive version of Computree [[ Geometry Dash]] is on the horizon! While we prepare for the full release, we have a special treat for you.

Added by zetisno zetisno 9 months ago

Jan Hackenberg has compiled a Windows beta version of Computree [[|Geometry Dash]] that includes the SimpleTree plugin. Please note that this beta version focuses on SimpleTree, and some Computree functionalities are temporarily unavailable.

Added by zetisno zetisno 9 months ago

You can find them on our new YouTube Geometry Dash channel dedicated to Computree tutorials: Computree_EN.

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A Windows beta version of Computree has been assembled by Jan Hackenberg. [url=]bitlife[/url]

Added by Bobby Alice 8 months ago

Computree’s Windows beta has been assembled by Jan Hackenberg.

Added by Bobby Alice 7 months ago

This is a decent version, in my opinion, and I hope you’ll keep its advantages should you decide to upgrade.

Added by Loinse Bekean 7 months ago

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To make your transition smoother buckshot roulette and more exciting, we’re introducing the Computree tutorial channel on YouTube! Head over to Computree_EN and be among the first to dive into a series of informative videos curated by Jan Hackenberg himself.

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