SimpleTree plugin: a tool for complete tree reconstruction

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Below, a message from Jan Hackenberg:

Dear Computree Users,

A new plugin is available for Computree. It aims to model the complete tree structure including every branch for a tree cloud. See the attached screenshot. As the output you get a so called QSM model containing up to multiple
thousand cylinders per tree. The plugin is based on which presents a stand alone software called SimpleTree ( The SimpleTree method is now rewritten in Computree.

A lot of improvements have been performed. The method does not rely on user given parameters any more. All parameters are computed within the method itself. Before the next official Computree release you can already get access to the plugin in form of a Windows exectuable. It just contains basic Computree functionalities and the SimpleTree method, as this is only a partial release.

Please sent an email to to get access if desired.

You will be able to download from:

Here is also a small Readme PDF which should be read first. It contains in majority (page 2 until end) screenshots and should be read fast.

Please provide me with your Computree/rdinnovation user name. Let me in addition know if you want to be put in a small newsletter, as I do not want to post too much on the Computree platform announcements.

I plan at least weekly releases of this plugin. De-noising procedures will follow. To improve the method you can do the following:
  • Provide me with feedback. In case you receive negative results, e.g. bad tree models, write me a short email with a screenshot of the modelling failure. If I cannot fix by the screenshot I will ask you to give me access to the cloud to reproduce the error and debug it.
  • If you have Tree scan data with GT (complete tree volume or biomass + density), it would be hugely beneficial to get access to this data. I will not publish this data without your allowance and use it for training purposes only (or ask for allowance).

Thanks for your kind attention

QSM.jpg (222 KB) QSM.jpg Piboule Alexandre, 05/25/2016 10:54 AM


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Significant improvements have been made to the method. It no longer relies on user-defined parameters, as all parameters are computed within the method itself. Before the official release of Computree, you can already access the plugin as a Windows executable.

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It’s a valuable tool for modeling tree bitlife structures, and Jan is actively seeking user input to enhance the plugin further.

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