Post doctoral position in France and Québec

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You will find below a post doctoral position at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Nancy, France and the Department of Geography from UQAM in Montreal, Canada. The Laboratory of Forest Inventory (LIF) of the National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) and the Research Development and Innovation (RDI) department from the French National Forest Office (ONF) are also implied in the project.

The position is entitled:
Postdoctoral position in 3D modeling of forest canopies using digital photogrammetry and airborne laser scanning

Postdoctoral position in 3D modeling of forest canopies-modele.pdf

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Alexandre Piboule.


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I want to submit my application for the Ph.D. position, where I aspire to contribute to the field of forest ecology by utilizing lidar technology to model and explore the pokedoku intricate relationships between forest structure and function.

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The successful candidate will play backpack battles a pivotal role in advancing 3D modeling techniques for forest canopies.

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