QSM- crashed process

Added by Marti Sanfeliu Raul over 5 years ago

Good morning!! I am Raul

In my computree version, i couldn’t calculate the spherofollowing modelling (QSM) I was trying a lot of ways that i read in forums or in your computree guide, I have the next question:

Can I export each tree from my study area without do the spherofollowing?

I think that I can follow my work if I can export each tree to ascii or xyz format

Thanks you for all

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RE: QSM- crashed process - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 5 years ago


if you just want to have the segmented clouds, use “Export” –> “Points” –> Points + 1D item, ASCII,1 file/scene after the step.

I do not know why the crash occurs. “My computree version” is not a version number. I work with Release 31. A general tip is to not use too small clouds.

If you upload a subscene of your plot with a script which produces the crash I can have a look. Otherwise I cannot help, sorry.