Plugins-onfensamv2 (Couldn't access )

Added by Ghimire Suman over 6 years ago

I am doing undergraduate thesis in biomass estimation using Terrestial Lidar & I was trying to implement CompuTree for my project. I couldn’t access the plugins of the computree. Can anybody please help me.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Plugins-onfensamv2 (Couldn't access ) - Added by Bauwens Sébastien over 6 years ago

Could you precise what is your operating system (Windows, linux, mac)?

I am running computree v2.140 on windows and I don’t have any problem with the plugin onfensam. So, please give us more information to help you!


RE: Plugins-onfensamv2 (Couldn't access ) - Added by Ghimire Suman over 6 years ago

Hello Sebastien,
I have just found that the plugin is working.I was accessing the plugins from the top menu but when I accessed it by right clicking mouse over the point cloud then it works.Thank you so much for your reply.
Sebastian could you help me out on How to extract tree metrics manually from terrestrial lidar point cloud.” I tried automatically detection of DBH on computree but it didnt have a good accuracy so I wanted to do it manually.
Also if you have any tutorials related to biomass estimation using computree with terrestrial lidar data please let me know.
I highly appreciate it.

Thank you

RE: Plugins-onfensamv2 (Couldn't access ) - Added by Piboule Alexandre over 6 years ago


In fact, the plugin ONF-ENSAM is included in the Computree distribution available online.
So there is no need to have a dedicated access to it, or to add it to Computree.

In the coming version of Computree, it is replaced by three new plugin : plugin_onf, plugin_arts_free, and plugin arts_pro.
For this reason the “plugin ONF-ENSAM” section of this site has been archived.
But this don’t have any consequences on the current available version.

Best regards.
Alexandre Piboule.