CompuTree on a Mac?

Added by Hildebrandt Anke almost 7 years ago

Dear all,

we are excited to use CompuTree with some of our point clouds together with Jean-Francois Cote at a workshop here in Savannah. But we have only Mac-Laptops and need to run it remotely - which is slow. Is there any way to set CompuTree up on a Mac? Did anybody manage to build it or channel it through wine or CrossOver or the like? Or is there probably already a Mac-built available?

Thank you much, merci beacoup,
Anke Hildebrandt

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RE: CompuTree on a Mac? - Added by Krebs Michaël almost 7 years ago


it depend what you want to compile. If it is just CompuTree without PCL and GDAL and OpenCV (basics CompuTree) i can help you to configure .pro files to be understood by Qt on Mac.

First step is to compile OpenSceneGraph for OsX. There was some videos on youtube that explain how to do it but i don’t know if it was for the last release or OpenSceneGraph :

Second step is to install Qt :

After that you must download souce code of computree and i will help you to configure it to compile it. With a TeamViewer session if you want.