Saving calculation

Added by Albert Jan over 7 years ago

Im just new to Computree. It looks like really great program for visualizing forest stands and extract dasometry.
Is there a way to save the project including the calculations? I mean in order not to recalculate all the steps again when you close the program.

Thanks, Jan

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RE: Saving calculation - Added by Piboule Alexandre over 7 years ago


Sorry, but for now it’s not possible to save all in memory data, in order to load them “as is” the next time.
However, you can export extracted data as text files or GIS formats (the comming version of Computree enrich this point).

I hope to be able to provide the asked functionnality in the future, but it will take some time... don’t expect it in next releases...

Best regards.
Alexandre Piboule.

RE: Saving calculation - Added by Albert Jan over 7 years ago

Thanks Alexandre,
that is pity because sometimes it takes a lot of time to recalculate and visualize. Anyway its a great program to get something.
Is there a way how to export attributes of diameters including ID of a log? So far i can export attributes of all DTM coordinates, some of them with diameter...
I intent to calculate diameters at different levels, but im not able to identify them to logs.