About DBH detection

Added by Prakasd Om Prakash almost 8 years ago

I am working on T-Lidar data from tropical forest. I am trying to extract diameter at 1.30 m automatically. Fitting cylinder method (HT5) is working well for extraction of diameter of tree lower than 50 cm. In many plots I am not able to extract diameters of big trees.

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RE: About DBH detection - Added by Bauwens Sébastien almost 8 years ago


If you are still interested to process you big tropical trees with computree let me know. I might try to help you if you send me a sample.


RE: About DBH detection - Added by Ghimire Suman over 6 years ago

Hello Sebatien,
I have a georeferenced TLS data collected from Faro Focus 3D but when i run the script DBH detection manually or automatically it runs perfectly but when i try to see the circles it doesn’t load. What may be the problem?

Thanks in advance