[Simple forest]: Dikstra Segmentation

Added by Martin Olivier about 1 year ago

Hi Jan, Hi Everyone

Hope you are doing good.

I am using your segmentation (Dikstra) and have nice outputs.

However, I would like to improve it a little bit by using my own seeds (i.e clusters). I have indeed a very precise field inventory for tree larger than 10cm DBH (which are the trees I am interested in). I made my own clusters in a slice close to 1.30m based on the point cloud and my tree inventory in R. However I cannot find a way to use it to run Dikstra in computree. I can import my clusters and the point cloud I want to segment but no way to use both in the function “Dikstra based tree segmentation”. It looks like somehow the seeds has to depend on the intial point cloud in the hierarchy of the step... Any idea to help me ?