Dijkstra method in SimpleForest v5.1.1

Added by Hackenberg Jan over 2 years ago

Dear users,

First of all, sorry for announcing here. I would like to state, that from now on I will sent interested users a notification about SimpleForest advances via a newsletter (monthly or so), keeping this forum for questions clean. If you are interested in getting notified about results, please send me an email to jan.hackenberg [at] . Of course replace ” [at] ” here . I just try to avoid spam bot parsing by writing like this. Please still stick for user questions to this forum. I will not answer “How to setup my pipeline” questions via email, sorry for this.

But now the information - last time
I uploaded a new SimpleForest release ( :
  • Few bug fixes
  • Implementation of Dijkstras algorithm, e.g. a second QSM modelling approach
  • Implementation of a new allometric correction step.

I updated the two example scripts as well. I updated the user guide with the new steps. I also added a small result and faq section to the user guide (and removed the book template stuff ). I will start working on a peer reviewed publication with more information soon.

I as well updated my homepage . This now has an extended R-statistic section with scripts you might find useful. Also all downloads are backuped there. Gitlab repository is up to date with the release version.

So good luck and stay healthy,

Best wishes

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RE: Dijkstra method in SimpleForest v5.1.1 - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 2 years ago


  • New SimpleForest version 5.1.3 uploaded.
  • Also updated the User Guide which contains now a Change Log with version details.
  • Added both updated Ground Truthed data + R-script + CT script to let you get more insight into accuracy.
  • Cleaned the download section a bit by removing outdated resources.