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Added by Meissner Tobias over 3 years ago

Dear Alexandre,

I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this but I do have some suggestions for some of the plugins.

1. ” Center Point Clouds” - Do you think it would be possible to store the values of the global shift and develop an additional plugin which allows the user to reverse the global shift? So that in the end the point cloud is back on its original position. This would be handy if one works with georeferenced data, and one would need to center the cloud because some of the plugins are not used to large numbers.

2. “Cut a point cloud by a polygon” - Right now the user has the possibility to cut clouds by a cylinder or rectangle. In some cases it would be good if one could cut a point cloud with a polgynoal shape. For example sometimes an area of interest is not orthogonal to the coordinate system. If one could enter all corner positions and then cut the cloud by those coordinates, one don’t had to center and rotate the cloud. In my case it would be enough to enter the coordinates of four corner of the area of interest

3. “Points Rotation” - Do you think it would be possible to change the plugin in that manner that one could decide where the rotation center is? Maybe by the center of the bounding shape (like the possibilities in the “Center Point Clouds” plugin).

Best Tobias

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RE: Development of Plugins - Added by Piboule Alexandre over 3 years ago

Dear Tobias,

Thanks for these suggestions.
I will integrate them in evolution proposals.

Note that since last year we are in transition in governance, funding and development management for Computree platform. It should be stabilized during this year.
This year should do(finally...) official release of V5 of Computree (soon in theory) already available in beta since a long time, and after that a v6 simplifying plugin development and item attributes management in particular (and solving some persistent bugs).
With that we want also to provide more tutorials, formations and improve user/plugin developers feedback management.

Best regards.
Alexandre Piboule.

RE: Development of Plugins - Added by croy Celia over 3 years ago

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RE: Development of Plugins - Added by Shirley Sandra almost 3 years ago

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RE: Development of Plugins - Added by Joshua Aric over 1 year ago

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