Elliptical stem

Added by Piccolo Matteo about 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I would like to measure the stem’s section taking into account its elliptical shape. So, I need two axis and/or one ellipse instead of radius and circle.
Do any plug-in produce that output?


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RE: Elliptical stem - Added by Tremblay Jean-François about 4 years ago

Hello Matteo,

I’m pretty sure that such a plugin does not exist. According to , Pasi Raumonen’s QSM was adapted for ellipsoid fitting. Your best bet is writing to the author.

RE: Elliptical stem - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 4 years ago

Jean Francois# answer confirmed and here is the link to Pasis Matlab source:
If your university has Matlab license you should have no problem running the code, othterwise Matlab has an open source pendant called Octave. Might or might not work with Octave, I never tested Pasis tool myself.
Have fun