Need a model to use as ground truth

Added by Motta Carlos over 4 years ago

Hello friends,

We are engaged in an assignment for evaluation of pruned volumes of trees. We have got some approximate methods to calculate crown volumes through photographic images but we need a 3D model with realistic features to use as reference (ground truth). With the model we can calculate the “real” volume and check the render against our approximation procedures. Thus we need a model with trunk, branches, twigs and leaves in right volumes and sizes. We do not have point clouds, just photographic images.

We will be glad if anyone could give us such a model or at least tell us how to get it.


Carlos Motta

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RE: Need a model to use as ground truth - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 4 years ago

Hi Carlos
sorry I missed your question. You can downlaod allData zip file from here:
It contains 36 tree clouds presented firstly here (please cite this if you use that data), a bit data description included:
You can download Computree with my SimpleTree plugin also here, or just get newer Computree release from Alexandre (it should contain SimpleTree and also other plugins as well) to make a qsm model:
Rely on my tutorial channel on how to process (you can skip most of the pipeline if you use my clouds, as those are not plot level data and you should do the modelling in two steps)
My old channel gives more information on how to process to split up the tree model into trunk branches ect:
Come back to the forum if you need further help.

Have fun and good luck,