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Download and install Computree 4.0

To install Computree, download the version for your system in the Documents section:

Unzip the archive where you want to install Computree.

To access the download links, you must be logged in as a user !
You can also download the last v5 windows beta here:

Completing Installation on Windows

On Windows, just create a shortcut (right click, create a shortcut) to CompuTreeGui.exe executable file.

Completing installation on Ubuntu

Under Ubuntu, creating the shortcut requires a few extra steps (Ubuntu version 13.04 and later).

  1. Open a terminal (CTRL + ALT + T)
  2. Go to the installation directory of Computree (use comands cd NomDeRépertoire and cd .. to navigate into the directory hierarchy)
  3. Type the following command:
  1. This creates a file named computree.desktop
  2. Open a file explorer and navigate to the installation directory of Computree
  3. Drag the file computree.desktop into the application launch bar or on the desktop

Otherwise it is always possible to launch Computree directly from a terminal by typing, in the installation directory of Computree, the following command:

Under Ubuntu, capital letters are considered separate letters. We must therefore respect the case in typing commands.

Adding plugins

To install plugin not included in the standard installation package:
  1. Download (and unzip) the plugin library (.dll for Windows, .so for linux, taking care to take the version adapted to your system...)
  2. Move the library in the /ComputreeInstall/plugins sub directory of the installation folder of Computree :
You must then restart CompuTreeGui for plugins are taken into account (or use Help/About plugins/Reload plugins menu).

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