Available plugins

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The available plugins are:

  • [[plugin-base:En_wiki|Plugin Base]] : steps for loading T-Lidarpoint cloud
  • [[plugin-onf-ensam:En_wiki|Plugin ONF - ENSAM]] : ground isolation, trees detection, estimation of diameter at 1.30 m
  • [[plugin-onf-lsis:En_wiki|Plugin ONF - LSIS]] (PCL dependency) : filtering clusters by circularity
  • [[plugin-generate:En_wiki|Generate Plugin]] : data generation
  • [[plugin-toolkit:En_wiki|Plugin ToolKit]] : utility plugin
  • [[plugin-meshlab:En_wiki|Plugin MeshLab]] : plugin for use of MeshLab plugins as steps
  • [[plugin-lvox:En_wiki|Plugin LVOX]] (Not Open Source for Moment) : voxelization , managing occlusions

Work in progress plugins:

  • [[plugin-onf-ign:En_wiki|Plugin ONF - IGN]]
  • [[plugin-geometree:En_wiki|Plugin Geometree]] Sébastien Bauwens Thesis (University of Liège - CIRAD)
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