Using Exporters

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Exporters allow, as their name indicates, to export items.

Like actions, Exporters implemented in plugins can be used in two ways:

Interactive mode

To use the interactive mode, start by selecting items in a view.

Then click on the button !{height:24px}!upload.png! in the toolbar of the view (you will have to select export file path).

Some Exporters are designed to export only one item per file (for example to export 2D or 3D grids). In this case only the last selected item will be exported.

Step mode

To use the step mode, you must add the desired “exporter step” ( using the Step Manager) after the step that produced the results containing the items you want to export.

Thus, in the Step Manager right_click on the step, choose the sub-menu for the appropriate plugin, and in exporter category choose the wanted exporter format.

Example: exporters of Base Plugin:

Then a result configuration window appears to select the items you want to export.

Exporters available in Base Plugin

[[plugin-base:En_wiki#Exporters provided by the Base plugin|Go to the Wiki page of Base Plugin]]

Localization options

The icon !{width:24px}preferences- system.png! in main toolbar, provides access to general options. To date there are only one option available: the choice of the decimal separator (for import / export in text format):

This choice affects the decimal separator used in the ASCII export of certain Exporters.

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