List of References

For utilizing TLS scans a QSM method has been adapted to work on plot level. The whole plugin was developed utilizing source code from an open
source tool named SimpleTree ([[]]). This standalone tool is unsupported since the core was integrated in
the Computree platform. Still the mandatory citation for utilizing this plugin is:

Two earlier published manscripts exist as well, the second one is mandatory to cite also if you use the test data which was published there:

Additionally from the following publication was adapted:

To support the core team (Alexandre and Michael) of Computree the best peer-reviewed resource might be this, as it describes steps included in the pipeline:

In addition the plugin steps rely heavily on the point cloud library ():

and the OpenCV library ([[]]), which you might also want to use to give credit to the people working on those projects.

As soon as my crown segmentation algorithm and the advanced QSM method is published I will give you more citations. In case you submit a manuscript results produced with the plugin clearly mention the version of the release.