Computree User Documentation in English now available

Added by Piboule Alexandre about 8 years ago

Whole user documentation of Computree has been translated in english:

The translation of the GUI interface itself will follow (progressively, and as soon as possible...).

Please signal any translation problem in demands (Wiki category).


Added by Cantero Alejandro almost 8 years ago

Hello. I´m Sandra from Spain. I would like to download Computree User Documentation in English but the web doesn´t work. ¿Can you help me, please? Thank you so much.

Added by Piboule Alexandre almost 8 years ago


For the moment, the wiki documentation is designed for online browsing.
However, when you are connected, you can export each page individually by using links in bottom right corners or pages : pdf/html/txt.
Unfortunately, the images are generally not exported correctly (I hope to resolve this in future, finding the good redmine plugin).

So a solution (not very comfortable) is to download each page in html format, and to dowload manually each image in the same directory.

Otherwise, you can try a website copier on the wiki, once connected (I don’t know if it works).

Sorry to not be able to propose you a better solution yet.

Best regards.
Alexandre Piboule.

Added by Cantero Alejandro almost 8 years ago

Thank you so much Alexandre.

I am going to work wit the programme and I need documentation. (I am begginer) ¿Can you send me by email the documentation if you can? My email is:


Take care