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Added by Piboule Alexandre about 6 years ago

English (le Français suit)


There is a lot of activity on Computree forum since 3 weeks.
Some people have complain about the messages received in their mail box.
So if you wan’t to not receive forum messages anymore, you can do it at this address (after connecting) :
or if it doesn’t work, this one:

Just change in email notifications: “For any event on all my projects” TO “Only for things I watch or I’m involved in”

Best regards.
Alexandre Piboule.



Il y a beaucoup d’activité sur le forum Computree depuis trois semaines.
Plusieurs personnes se sont pleintes du nombre important de messages dans leur boite mail.
Si vous ne voulez plus recevoir ces messages, vous pouvez le faire à cette adresse (après connexion) :
ou si cela ne fonctionne pas :

Dans notifications par e-mail, changez “Pour tous les évênements de tous mes projets” EN “Seulement pour ce que je surveille”

Alexandre Piboule.


Added by Marti Sanfeliu Raul over 5 years ago

Hello, my name is Raul,

I am doing a work to my univercity with this sofware and I need to understand software, for this reason I am following the video tutorial about same_cloud practice, It is really easy to follow and understand the process about the trees, but I downloaded the 4 version about computree, and I cannot find the segmentation step 1, segmentation step 2 and segmentation step 3 tools in the step tool

My question are there: Where I can find those tools? or which version is better to work with this software?

Thanks you for your help and really congratulation for this software