Branch segments not fluently following, what can be corrected?

Added by Rosskopf Elena over 4 years ago

Hello everyone

I am using the CompuTree and SimpleTree version : Diabolo_Release_SimpleTree_Beta_4.33.06_Computree 5.0.054b on Windows.
Everything works fine, I scanned some beech trees (“Baum1” had some wind problems) with a FARO scanner,
but it is the resulting cylinder model, I am not quite happy with.

Some branch segments are VERY VERY EDGY and UNEVEN.
I have no clue what to do, that I get smooth segments without abrupt angle changes between the segments.

To check if the problem is due to the scan number, I scanned a big sample beech tree again with a Leica scanner 12 times (!!!) and have the same problem.
We always have some movement in the crown. But this is a problem, we face with every tree outside a green house.

Does anyone have the same problem? What can I do?
I attached some pictures where you can see my problem.

Thank you for any help and advice!!!

Kind regards,

Baum6_cyl.png (27.5 KB) Baum6_cyl.png Baum6.just cylinders
Baum6_cyl_cloud.png (67.5 KB) Baum6_cyl_cloud.png Baum6.cylinder and point cloud
Baum1_cyl.png (48.4 KB) Baum1_cyl.png Baum1.windy tree cylinders
Baum1_cyl_cloud.png (57.8 KB) Baum1_cyl_cloud.png Baum1.windy tree cylinders and point cloud
Leica_cloud1.png (131 KB) Leica_cloud1.png big sample beech with moving point cloud in Computree
Leica_cloud2.png (90 KB) Leica_cloud2.png big sample beech with original point cloud
Leica_cylinder.png (102 KB) Leica_cylinder.png big sample beech resulting cyinders

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RE: Branch segments not fluently following, what can be corrected? - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 4 years ago

The pics looks like that is what you can get with the plugin out of such clouds. You can try to put more reference targets in field. I used up to 20 always.
You can try to filter more. At least Leica_cloud2 looks like it could be more denoised still.

RE: Branch segments not fluently following, what can be corrected? - Added by Shokirov Shukhrat about 4 years ago

Hi Elena,

I am just starting to use Computree and need some help if you can. My question is what plugin and steps do you use to extract stem and branches only (removing leaves from the point cloud)?