Different Results using the same steps.

Added by Sharp Iain about 2 years ago

Hi Dr. Hackenberg,

I have been using the Diabolo_Release_SimpleTree_Beta_4.33.06_Computree 5.0.054b version of Computree to produce some QSM results with trees both from the tropical dry forest of Costa Rica, and the boreal forest of Canada. I noticed the other day, when I reran the exact same procedure, on the exact same tree that I was given two different sets of results. One of which had less volume than the other, and a different fractal pattern as well. Is there a way to minimize this error, or explain why you might get different results running the same procedure on the same tree? I have attached the results from both of the iterations here in case you wanted to see the difference.

Iain Sharp

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RE: Different Results using the same steps. - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 2 years ago

can you please confirm this by
saving the clouds exactly before the modeling
stoping the pipeline
re load the cloud, model two times and look if results are different. Please report then again.

In theory what you write should not happen, so please do as asked.