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Dear all,
I have downloaded the script SimpleTree_Beta_4.33.06_Plot_Coniferous.xsct2 from this page
I’m using it for a single tree (I have scanned beech trees by means of 2 scans). The step “Segmentation into tree clouds” doesn’t produce the tree segmented, I have not results from this step.
My data, which was georeferenced, have been traslated to have a 0 cenetered cloud.
Why this step doesn’t work? What’s the problem? Thank, Chiara

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RE: SimpleTree_Beta_4.33.06_Plot_Coniferous.xsct2 - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 4 years ago

Hi Chiara

a) I assume you are using the downloadable CT/ST version from here:, can you confirm this?
b) Did you modify the script (other than parameters). By modifying I mean more did you rebuild a new script. People might do it when they have another cloud input file format.
c) If you did not modify and are using the release version, is the same issue occuring with the non coniferous script? I think I tested both and did not receive any other bug reports here, but better save than sorry.
d) Are all steps before executed in the right way? Can you visualize those results, e.g. the seeds and the vegetation?
e) If you did modify the script, please check that all input results are configured in the right way. Dont check any clouds you do not use, neither grps. Also do not check grps which are “parent” of the grp you need to check.

f) The last thing I can image is that you need to have two scripts. One simple script to center the cloud to 0 and than save the cloud + SimpleTree_Beta_4.33.06_Plot_Coniferous.xsct2 running the saved centered cloud.