Modifying cylinder models and exporting the rest - Simple Tree Plugin

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I am trying to work with Simple Tree Plugin to extract volumes of some trees in Indian forests. I have segmented the trees and ready to fit cylinders to extract volume. I could run the plugin to get cylinders and extracted parameters into folder.
Now I have an issue here and need some help. Some trees have crown points in the dataset, I could manually delete points and fit cylinders, but its a tedious task. Is there a better way in computree?

Alternatively, I have seen that the cylinder fitting is good and can be edited visually to remove some cylinders. But when exporting parameters all cylinder parameters (i.e. same parameters as before removal) are again exported and the volume of the tree in the output file remains same.
Any help regarding the same is much appreciated.

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RE: Modifying cylinder models and exporting the rest - Simple Tree Plugin - Added by Hackenberg Jan almost 3 years ago

Hi Suraj

I have to ask again for a more specific fumulation of your problem:

Some trees have crown points in the dataset –> does it mean you have points located on leaves? You can either completely manually remove those points (maybe then do in CloudCompare, might be the stronger software for manual interaction) or you can also try out those semi manual steps described here:

I would try out the second proposal first.

For manual interaction with the QSM (cylinder models), I also can recommend another open source tool (AMAP Studio scan). I describe it here:

You cannot modify really the QSMs manually with SimpleTree or other Computree functionality. You can just take cylinders off and on the screen:

If this was not exactly ur question, please update accordingly.