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Added by Hackenberg Jan almost 5 years ago

Hi again,

I might not be able to publish my plugin anymore in the remaining time. For those interested how my advanced tree modeling method works, I attached a rejected paper (Paameter Optimization in....).
I also have a quite advanced paper about the allometric correction. Unfortunately this one is anyway outdated, but it gives at least a link to the ecological meaning of diameter - growthvolume relation. I see a clear link to traditional forestry allometry (DBH total volume relation), maybe the tree modellers under you could find some use here. See the Lemma and figure 6+7. The “proof” that what I do is more or less the same than done in traditional foresty seems to be a bit too weak, but it should be solvable.

I might not be able to resubmit or finish any of those two papers, so feel free to use it for your own researach. In case you find something useful which you could continue to work on, an acknowledgement to my person would be nice. Make sure to not “cite” those papers for given reasons - they are not peer-reviewed and I do not aim to go in another painful submission round.

All updated information though should hopefully be soon also available in the Diabolo project deliveable, which has at least a DOI.

That is all for now

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