I want to measure the DBH of a tree.

Added by shao wanpeng over 3 years ago

I am looking for the HT5_Measuring_DBH_automatically.xsct2 script for CompuTree4,Please share if you have it.

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RE: I want to measure the DBH of a tree. - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Nie hao Shao

I cannot provide you with the desired script. You can use the SimpleTree pipeline. I modified it, that it only models the lower stem and you can grab the DBH from the output files containing the word detailed. Those csv files are rather detailed, but you can open for each tree one file containing the DBH in the row with the header DBH (cm). The modification I did just purely removes all tree components above four meter height and should give you a huge runtime benefit. The script is attached to my answer. The Computree version containing my plugin you can download it from here:
and is named
I also attached a screen how the output should look like. I tested the script with Alexandres Computree test cloud, but you need to be able to modify the script in adaptation to your own scanning design.

Have fun