export segmented trees

Added by Georgi Louis about 5 years ago

Is it possible to export the pointclouds of the segmented trees before/without the QSM-step?



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RE: export segmented trees - Added by Domenech Anthony about 5 years ago


Affirmatif, cela est possible:

export > points > point (1file/scene) xyb (x,y,z,i) voir pdf.

Puis pour l’importer > load > create list of reader > load file... voir pdf.


RE: export segmented trees - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 5 years ago


thanks @ Anthony for helping here. I assume with the screens the answer is understable for English speakers as well.

If you prefer an ascii format, you can use also:

export –> points –> Points + ID item, ASCII, 1 file / scene

You have to give a name (the plot ID for example my_plot) and it will save the clouds with an increasing ID (my_plot01, my_plot02)....

In short, ASCII is slower for import and export, but you can even load those files in R with read.table() function.... Just skip the first line and you will find x,y,z in column 2-4.... as an example.


RE: export segmented trees - Added by Georgi Louis over 4 years ago

Hallo Alexandre, Hallo Michael,
Hallo Computree-Community,

we would like to export also the intensity values of the segmented trees.

To do so, we tried the STEP: Export –> Points –> Points (1 file/scene), XYB (X,Y,Z,I). Unfortunately the intensity is not exported right.
We transformed the .xyb binary code. Here the intensity for every point is 255. The visual check in ReCap only shows a black tree.

In the Tutorial TLS03_EN on slice 71, you select the intensity data for exporting. Unfortunately we can only select “Point float attributes” in our workflow.
Now we are wondering which mistake we made or if there is a bug in the code. Do you have any advise for us?

Adding an exporter for ASCII 1 file/ sciene, would be extremely helpful and enhance the user experience. Is this possible?

Best regards