raster with beta 32

Added by Domenech Anthony over 3 years ago

Hello Jan,
I downloaded the new version beta 32.
I would like to import my .tiff raster (image).
Only the new version does not allow it.

Do you have any advice or can you make this option possible?

Thank you in advance.

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RE: raster with beta 32 - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago


Import and Export are done by CT core, not by SimpleTree (except my DTM ply and QSM csv+ply exporter). As I work with an older CT version, my releases might not have full functionality of CT core. I think the CT functionalities are from December, when CT 4.0 was releases. I aim for another common release like CT4.0 where both SimpleTree and CT are up to date together with Alexandre.

In fact, but without warranty: Alexandre also releases more frequently as far as I know. And as far as I know he always includes my latest SimpleTree version. The downside is, that he might grab a not so well tested version of SimpleTree. Please take my apologies, but we are both at our limit and so you have to either wait or decide for either better CT or ST.