SimpleTree Beta32

Added by Hackenberg Jan about 5 years ago

This is a highly recommended update to switch to Beta32.

I worked on the model quality of the step:
QSM spherefollowing method - advanced for plot

It is recommended to be used with everything checked, as standard parameters are given. For those of you who want to play around you have now 5 switches. It improves the model quality a lot. I might have included a corrupted version of this step in previous Betas. Not sure here.

I have made another step in the QSM menu with which you can select for the topological detection of branch order changes between three ways. I have to say it is not recommended from my side to be used. I wrote it for the people who want to have the decision in agreement with their ground truth protocol. Selecting the branch order change by single diameter before and after a branch junction (the largest diameter in GT protocols is for example chosen to decide which is the main stem above the fork) is not save to modelling errors. The more cylinders you decide to choose for the decision (volume up to one tip or growthvolume up to all reachable tips) the more stable the predicate is. So imo Growth_volume>>Volume to furthest tip >> Diameter. The growth volume is already used internally in all other QSM steps, so if you follow my advice you do not need to execute this step.

For Beta33 tuning of the allometric correction is planned.


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RE: SimpleTree Beta32 - Added by Georgi Louis about 5 years ago

Hallo Jan,

thanks for your work!

For users is a new script for each release a huge support. Can you upload an example for Beta32 please.

Suggestion: Or even implement an example script in each release-download.


RE: SimpleTree Beta32 - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 5 years ago

Here you go, I also add to the download section.