Export cloud in .las

Added by Torresan Chiara over 5 years ago

Hello, I have a problem with the export step. I’m interested in having intensity values in my points. Exporting using the “Points,LAS” command I obtain an empty cloud, I mean that there are no points. I tried using “Points,ASCII”, this works, but there are not intensity values.
Finally, one more question: I have created a palette because I want to use this as my default palette, but it seems that there is no way.
Cheers, Chiara

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RE: Export cloud in .las - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 5 years ago

Hi Chiara
I know you work with SimpleTree. Maybe in the conversion to PCL PointClouds Intensity gets lost, you pass a new cloud without Intensity generated by a SimpleTree step and try to save this.
To confirm you can just load with a minimal example:
1) load the intensity cloud
2) save as LAS
If in this manner you loose intensity, the problem lies in CT - most likely in the las exporter. If not its SimpleTree issue and you have to live with it, sorry.