Segmentation improvement

Added by Domenech Anthony about 3 years ago

Good morning Mr. Hackenberg Jan,

I segmented a sample of tropical forest.
Only I would like to improve my results, especially in the crown part.

Could you advise me?
You will find in attachments the ".las” as well as the “steps tree”.



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RE: Segmentation improvement - Added by Hackenberg Jan about 3 years ago

Dear Anthony,

thank you for the wellformed forum post. This is the first time during my computree work, but I have to say, I can’t support this help request. My project runs out slowly and I need time to document the major steps in form of publications. Tropical scenes are of course of my interest, but outside the project and I do not have the time to modify my project work for other needs anymore. This is a time issue, I hope you understand. I will still do my best to account to bug reports.