SimpleTree Beta 26

Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Dear Users

I had to work on some bug fixes (not planned, but unavoidable). One more time there is another SimpleTree plugin release not in perfect agreement with normal CT releases. Beta 26 includes:
- better DTM modelling, my rushed CT 4.0 release version contained several bugs, I hope not anymore (have now some good internal validations)
- better Segmentation, I had an error by design, I think this version is better. Before Beta 26 it was already quite nice, so not the biggest improvement
- I added a ply exporter for Raster Data (DTM’S). You can use it of course also with non SimpleTree DTMs
- I added to some steps optional input data. Could not document it. You will need to maybe adapt some scripts.
- I hope to provide you with better documentation as soon as I can.
- DTM, Segmentation and Modelling Improvements still do not have up to date citations. I will try to get for those 3 cruical steps manuscripts. Until then you need to rely on my old SimpleTree paper if you need for your own publication information resources.

Fingers crossed for last release before my project ends...