Beta 25 SimpleTree and Computree 4

Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Dear users,

you will find today one last version of the SimpleTree Beta plugin with a prepared pipeline script. Beta 25. Alexandre is busy compiling Computree 4. In that more official release SimpleTree 25 will be contained and it will be released this year. I can only do new tutorial videos in the new year as I am in vacations.
I will start writing publications right now. Until those are there you need to stick to those I give in SimpleTree sub page on this forum.

In case you detect a bug in SimpleTree Beta 25 plugin please make a bug report here:

Set me as responsible person. Only if the bug happens with the SimpleTree computations. I am not responsible for general Computree behaviour. Before my project ends I try to go through this list and take care of every remaining report.

Merry Chrismas and happy new year