SimpleTree Beta 17 release

Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Dear users

you will find another pre release of my plugin. Fingers crossed until end of year Computree 4 will be available without warranty including my plugin. That will make things easier for both users as well as us developers.

I placed the warning at various places:
- Do not use clouds with their center of mass futher than 50meter away from coordinate origin (0,0,0). They cause an undefined behaviour and I could not fix.
- As you can see from my tutorials the method is quite fast on large clouds if you downscale and more important, do not use large plots. I have a master student suffering for multiple days without having a successful segmentation. The computation length increases exponentially with the radius of the plot. You need to split up such clouds before in an overlapping way and process separately.

The release is my final version of the pypeline.
If I find time I replace the DTM step if I can improve it. Probably the highest source of errors in mountaneous plots. I will further fix crashing possibilities, could not get rid of all of them. I will improve my modelling in general.

You find citable sources for using my plugin public. Please cite my recent software paper as well as all other sources. I try to find a nicer way to make them visible, I could not polish more and could not give more information. I need to publish all my improvements first myself.

If you submit to a review and you get attacked for using unpublished software parts, here some arguments: a) Software papers in general are like this, see the PointCloudLibary paper. It is from 2009 earlies version of this library and a lot of friendly contacts contributing to this library are not included. At least 36 trees are available with high quality GT data which you can also use to defend. I have more trees to validate, but this data is non-free and I will just use it in a planned publication.

I can earliest look for bug reports on Thursday. I will most likely not be able to answer more than one email the next three days. Do not delete your running setup if you are under time pressure. Try out this version on another folder before you change.

You have a zip file with the software, one with the scripts and 3 videos to download. Will take few days before appear on Youtube.

Jan Hackenberg