Computree SimpleTree plugin - new Release Beta_14 - plot level QSM processing

Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Dear Users,

Short announcement

About the release:

- Improved fit quality, also for small trees again.

- I added a few steps to make plot level analysis more comfortable. There is one step included which can get rid of segmented undergrowth.

- I did not change the output csv files and try to also further not do so. Your analysis scripts should still work hopefully, if not give me feedback.

- From what I can tell my modelling is now unfortunately 20% slower. I am sorry, but the fit quality justifies this.

- If you work on plot level, outputfiles created adapt their name from your plot cloud. I hope this makes data management easier

- I created another tutorial video and 3 step configuration files.. Alexandre has also a youtube channel ( where you find the old tutorials in higher quality as well as the new one once uploaded.

- If you are not in the finish line of a master thesis (or something similar with heavy time constraints) I highly recommend using this version...

- You do not have to give any more a cut height in the plot level pipeline (so no csv file anymore needed). I hope my automatic prediction is more accurate than what I had to do also myself manually.... You still need the file if you go for the single modelling step...

- If you work in mountaineous areas I expect the modelling quality to drop (problematic DTM maybe). Up to you if you prefer manual segmentation in CloudCompare and work with the single tree modelling step.

- I will work on leaf denoising next. Crownprojection area and fixing the above mentioned DTM issues are also on my list.

- If you are interested in tree archtecture rather than DBH + volume + height, look at the ply files in .../my_output_folder/ply/detection. Branch angles, segment length ect are not good for the green cylinders (as you already might have observed). You should remove them in your R analysis (row in detailed file with header detection tagged with spherfollowing is fine, kick out the others). Those cylinders just give a better total volume but the topological information is bad. That is why length is still hugely overestimated and you should work with height.

Thank you to all of you


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RE: Computree SimpleTree plugin - new Release Beta_14 - plot level QSM processing - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 3 years ago

Beta 15 released, minor bug fix release

DBH, height and length (the last was unusable until now, the first two had still a minor error) are predicted now correctly. In addition cut height is added to the plot level output.