selecting ground points to create a DTM

Added by Isfort Steffen over 1 year ago


I try to create a DTM out of a point cloud and have a problem regarding the selection of ground points. See the attached images, computree selects some vegetation points as ground points and tries to integrate them into the DTM.

The point cloud is part of a bigger project with about 100 points of view with a terrestrial laser scanner. Original coordinates are geocentric and I applied a translation with the step “Center point cloud” from toolkit plugin. Same result without translation. It seems that the orientation of the geocentric coordinate system isn’t the same as the software coordinate system.

Does anybody know the problem and a solution?

Thank you very much. Best regards,


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RE: selecting ground points to create a DTM - Added by Hackenberg Jan over 1 year ago

Hi Steffen

how do you set up your script? Which steps are you using?