Opening .ply files

Added by Sharp Iain about 1 year ago

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a certain file size that the .ply files are limited too? I ask this because I am trying to visualize the QSM models from the .ply files provided by Computree, and am running into the problem that I can open the .ply files found in the “good” folder, but not in the “color” or “bad” folder. I simply run into the following error in CloudCompare: “An error occurred while loading 'Ficustree_clean’: reading error (no access right?)”. The “color” file is 179MB in size, and the “bad” cylinders file is 170MB in size with the “good” cylinders being 507KB in size. Could this be the reason, and is there a way to circumvent that?

I have attached the “color” .ply file to this message if anybody wants to have a crack at it.

Iain Sharp

Ficustree_clean.ply (180 MB) Ficustree_clean.ply "color" cylinders