How to save the progress?

Added by Greenberg Jonathan over 4 years ago

I’m working on a TLS tree segmentation + QSM analysis, but I’m confused how to save my “progress” so if I get a crash I can restart from where it left off, instead of having to re-run the entire script again. Is there a trick to doing this? I’m specifically interested in the step after Merging Clouds but before the QSM analysis re: Jan’s videos (I got a crash during that step so I’m having to re-run the entire thing again). Thanks!


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RE: How to save the progress? - Added by Piboule Alexandre over 4 years ago


It is not currently possible to save a “computree session”, where you could work from the point you crashed.
(not planned soon).

However, a way is to export the merged cloud.
So you could split your script in two parts, execute the first and save result.
Then do another script beginning by loading saved result.
It depends if the data you need to save is in an exportable format.
If it’s only a merged cloud, it should be relatively easy (see in export menu / points).

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